Shirley would literally cry each time

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moncler outlet usa So, me and my family actually “know” Shirley the Elephant. She was actually in our local zoo for many years. Very sad as the enclosure was incredibly small and her physical disability (hind leg) made things even worse. moncler outlet usa

moncler jackets toronto We took my daughter to the zoo every two weeks as she loved animals. Before long Shirley bonded with my daughter in a way that was quite amazing. She would always come to moncler sale online the end of the enclosure push her snout to a small opening so my daughter could pet her. Not best moncler jackets once, uk moncler sale but every time we visited. Shirley would literally cry each time. While she allowed me moncler outlet online and my wife to pet her, discount moncler jackets it was moncler uk outlet my daughter she wanted to see. moncler jackets toronto

moncler jackets canada When we heard she was moving to Tennessee years ago, we were so happy to know she would have adequate space. I told my daughter (who 24 now) that we cheap moncler coats mens need to make a cheapmoncler trip to the Sanctuary cheap moncler sale and visit. Looks like a wonderful place moncler jackets canada.

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